At IPCN the focus is very much about content in all its forms, whether entertainment, music or sports. Our passionate and driven team work hard to ensure that the best possible content is created and delivered, that it is seen by as many people as possible – on the most appropriate platforms – and that the benefits of that content landing in the Chinese market are fully maximized with best-fit brand partners.


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Content Distribution Partner

IPCN works closely with international producers to advise on market entry business strategy and to develop, finance and distribute appealing formats and programmes, as well as fully exploit their sales potential, in Mainland China.

Our international partners have come from the UK, Europe, USA and Asia-Pacific and together we have successfully delivered 35 major global formats to 15 TV platforms in China. We believe our expertise, resources and unrivalled network offers international producers, content owners and creative talent the best, broadest and most innovative distribution service available in Asia today. We also encourage Chinese creatives to work with international producers to originate content for international distribution. IPCN has an enviable track record in sales, is highly competitive and has an impressive portfolio with both third party representation and original formats across all key genres.

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Content Production

IPCN’s experienced team of producers from the UK, USA, Netherlands and China creates programming to the highest international standards and significantly, ensures that relevant cultural features and elements are woven in to all content so that it resonates and proves popular with Chinese audiences.

Our talented Shanghai-based production team has earned its reputation by successfully producing the Chinese versions of Secret Millionaire, Super Nanny and China’s Next Top Model but our work spans game shows, reality, infotainment, scripted and branded content – both on behalf of partners and for ourselves. We also have a thriving new media department that both creates original ideas and extends existing content for online audiences. IPCN is passionate about creating compelling content that can reward, entertain and monetize massive audiences in the rapidly growing Chinese market.


From advising on programme development and creating brand marketing plans, to booking international artists and offering training, IPCN provides a wide range of consultancy and support services to those looking to undertake business in China, as well as for Chinese businesses looking to grow overseas.

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Programme Development and Training

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Brand Marketing

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Talent Booking and Brand Endorsement


IPCN’s experienced, integrated marketing team prides itself in delivering customized and innovative on-air and offline solutions to its TV and brand partners. All marketing plans are created using extensive consumer and audience insight and all activity is undertaken to the highest possible standards, ensuring programme audiences are maximized and products and services reach target audiences in the most effective and meaningful way.

business_event1  Secret Millionaire

IPCN produced eight episodes of this leading global reality show and secured transmission on Shanghai Dragon TV, one of China’s most influential broadcasters.

business_event2  Elite Tennis

In a world first, the IPCN team brought one of Britain’s must-attend summer social gatherings, ‘The Boodles Challenge’, to China in 2013.

business_event3  The Voice of China

IPCN worked with Beats Electronics, the Apple-owned company co-founded by rapper Dr. Dre, to create an innovative sponsorship, promoting headphones,