Today’s Chinese consumers are watching more TV and online clips than ever, which makes understanding how they watch and what they watch crucial to the success of Entertainment and Media industry in China. IPCN, is the leading entertainment rights distributor and content provider in China, we will consistently strive to establish media trends and exceed demands of consumers.

Girls fighting

In the past 6 months, the major satellite television in China continuing focusing on seasonal reality TV shows and they are very favorable with TV viewers. Reality shows such as Sing China, are still on trend, which accounts for 54% of the market share in Chinese TV industry.


Most of Chinese celebrity reality shows and variety entertainment are influenced by the popularity of Korean pop culture in China; these shows are also hugely popular among Chinese viewers. On the other hand, the most reputable Chinese weekly variety show, Happy Camp, is still having good performance TV ratings with average 1.8 million viewers.


In June 2016 the first episode of Girls Fighting premiered and has become the latest trending reality competition show in China. Launched by Emperor Entertainment Beijing and Dragon TV, in joint collaboration both companies are aiming to build their own IP to create a national TV show franchise. In order to target millennial viewers, the new variety show, Summer Sweetie is trying to subvert the tradition and deliver a better audience experience through online streaming to be more responsive and interactive for viewers.


On the contrary, the new media such as live streaming platforms and online media channels played a different strategy in order to win viewers attention. To avoid the competition with mass media, those channels tend to put their bet on the weekdays’ evening by directing their existing fans such as subscribers to their website. The interesting thing is that the popular content on these online channels is also different to traditional TV programmes. They are normally contained sarcasm and jokey elements. The most popular programmes in China at moment are Mars Intelligence Agency, Go Fridge, and Crazy Court etc.